Find Your Style

Have you had the same hairstyle of twenty years? If you have, then maybe it’s time for an update. Which style you pick will depend on your hair texture and mass, so check out some celebrities with similar hair texture as you. See the options they have chosen over the years. Pick one and see if it works for you. If you’re still in doubt, you hairstylist may be able to give you some good advice.

Hair Care Basics

Men don’t often think of hair care as that important. You wash your hair in the shower and then leave for work. You don’t think about your scalp, right? Learn how to get healthy hair.

Styling Products

Most men think styling products, like mousse and gel, are just for women, but that’s not true. Learn about which hair products give you that sophisticated, professional finish you need.

The Coif Style

Today’s Hollywood men are full of coif styles. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it’s the newest hair style resurrected from the past. The ’20s style is back to stay.

The Swoop Style

The long front hairstyle isn’t as popular as it was five years ago, but it’s still around. Though it’s changed over the past few years, with longer sides, you’ll see it on the street.

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